Do You Want To Learn How To Prevent Memory Loss?

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To Boost Brain Health & Help Prevent Memory Loss

Our goal is to empower you to take control of your memory health and to help prevent avoidable memory loss.

Whether you’re a clinician, care service provider, an active ageing crusader, a wellness warrior,  a health coach, a stay at home mum or retiree, whoever you are set a new path for your life and be memory health smart.

Here’s how the Memory Health Academy can work for you

Prevent Memory Loss With This Lifestyle Makeover Masterclass

An Online Short Course To Help Improve Your Brain Health and Prevent Memory Loss. Learn Immediately Actionable Lifestyle Strategies To Help You Stay Mentally Sharp As You Age.  It’s Never Too Late To Start Optimising Your Brain Health. Interested?

Memory Health Check Up: Identify Your Risks. Take Control. Change Your Life.

A Great Place To Start: Teaches you how to check your memory health risks with an easy to follow tool and framework. Here’s how to identify your risks for memory loss – and most importantly what to do about them. Less than 36% of adults are asked about their memory performance when they see their local doctor. How can you prevent memory loss if you don’t know what your personal risks are? That’s why the Memory Health Check Up exists.  Take yours today.

Work Out Your Brain – Improve Your Brain Performance In 30 Days Or Less

How To Train Your Brain is a 30 day Brain Optimising Program to help you improve your brain skills that can decline as you get older. Interested?

Memory Health Mastery & Coaching

Complete The 12 Week Comprehensive Memory Health Education Program  And You’ll Also Receive 12 months Membership to The Memory Health Warriors Community AND Personalised Coaching Program To Help You Prevent Avoidable Memory Loss. Yep, This Is All About Education + Community + Support To Make It Stick, To Optimise Your Memory Health For Life!     Interested?

Memory Health Education Programs for Health, Care, Wellness and Community Service Professionals

Memory Health Smart Professional

Learn Practical, Evidence Based Strategies. Access Advice, Resources and Support So You Can Help Your Clients Prevent Avoidable Memory Loss.

David’s Available for Speaking and Community Consultations

Need a professional speaker / communicator or consultant for your event, media channel, community or business to discuss brain and cognitive fitness strategies and programs?