Interested in being a guest on the
Memory Health Made Easy show?

Memory Health Made Easy with David Norris

is all about having rich conversations with people who are leading discoveries either personally or scientifically into living a good life and reducing, preventing or reversing memory loss.

The show’s focus is to have stories which can empower our listeners to take tangible and practical actions to improve their health and vitality.

Community is the new teacher and I believe we can learn from each other regardless of where we are at in our health and wellness journeys. Through these powerful conversations I want for our audience to have access to actionable learnings they can do to help improve their lives, bodies, brains and spirits. To help inspire or to inspire others and importantly I want for our audience to feel they are connected and a part of a community.

If you’d like to be involved with the Memory Health Made Easy podcast please apply below and ​I’ll be in touch.