Do You Want To Learn How To Prevent Memory Loss?

About The Founder,

David Norris

Hi, David Norris Here.

Imagine Another Brain Health Future.

Education and Community.

I’m striving to help and serve as many people to stop avoidable memory loss.

Occupational Therapist, Speaker and Memory Health Champion, David Norris is the founder of Memory Health Made Easy and the Memory Health Academy specializing in services and memory health education programs to transform lives and communities at risk of cognitive decline.


David Norris founded Memory Health Made Easy as a natural reaction to working with people at the end of their lives. Where memory loss is so severe, people can’t remember loved ones or do the essential personal care tasks like showering.

For too long as a therapist he has seen the devastating impact memory loss has on individuals, families and communities. He’s seen first hand how memory loss erodes confidence and is heartbreaking for loved ones.

That’s why he started teaching how to prevent memory loss.

Because for conditions like dementia there is no cure, so prevention is the best investment you can make.

Yet it is so confusing about what action is right for you to cut down your risks.

So, from talking and working with people directly, it’s clear:

To help you move form where you’re are today needs to be:

1. Easy To Apply

2. Practical

3  Related To Your Life, Your Goals.

Are you personally worried about your risk for memory loss?

Are you a health, care, community service or wellness professional

and want to have memory health skills to support your clients?