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Is This The #1 Free App for Meditation?


If downloads was a measure of impact then Insight Timer wouldn’t be the winner.

If amount of time on the app and using it, taking action with it was a measure of success then Insight Timer is the winner.

Compared to the amount of time spent on the app vs time on other apps:

What is the most important measurement?

Action, taking action with the knowledge you have gained or are acquiring as a proxy for change. It stands to reason that right action over time will create a change from where you are to where you want to be.

As the team at Insight Timer write…

“Usually the journalists write about how many downloads these apps have, or how much funding they’ve raised, or how much money they’re making. Rarely do they write about how many of the downloads convert to meditators, or how much time people spend on them, or how often people return each week — ‘metrics’ that actually matter when nurturing a meditation practice.”


About Insight Timer

The team at Insight Timer are on a mission to reach 48 million people to have access to free daily meditation practice.


That speaks to us and what we are aiming to do- to reach and serve more people to prevent avoidable memory loss. There is no doubt an association between stress and day to day memory health as well as increasing your risk for memory loss in life.

With that in mind we’ll often suggest Insight Timer as one of our suggested tools to make a start with calming, focusing, building concentration and attention practices.

Free Doesn’t Mean Limited

You’re seriously spoilt for choice. With 24,000 free guided meditations you can meditate on Insight Timer for as long as you want without ever paying a cent.

From the secular and scientific to Bhakti and Buddhist this app has you covered based on where you are at with you practice and perspectives.

Paid – Premium

From stress, healing, love and more the premium program offers a diverse and as such more personalised programs that you can match to your needs and goals. Premium $5 per month paid yearly. That’s almost the average price of a cup of coffee alone.

What You Might Like

3000 plus meditation teachers means Diversity, no matter where you live, and what language you speak, this platform has you covered. As well as they have a mix of western science backed methods to Eastern approaches. This really allows you to choose and experiment.

Our suggestion is, pick one or two practices and test them, consistently for a period of time. How long, we’d suggest commit to 30 days of practice and see where you get to.

What Others Like “Popular Meditation”

A neat short cut is to look at what other people have used and rated. With so much on offer this is a helpful feature. Check it out here.

Meditation Local

We’ve found it very funny at times to see some Australian shows with English subtitles. Much the same reason for the Meditation Local function. It allows you to explore teachers around the globe and to find someone who speaks your language and importantly with you accent.

How To Get It

You can learn more about Insight Timer by clicking here.