Strong Love for Body and Mind

In this show vegan fitness super star Kate Galli will share with you how to make a strong mind and body. In fact Kate reveals what she does with her clients so you can

  • Achieve the mindset and motivation to claim power over your choices in Food and your Life Game
  • Have a strategy for winning BIG with your health goals

Kate’s clients rate her for good reason and she shares her tips and strategies today.


Bad habits are hard to break. 

You’re used to them, and you’re already comfortable. When you’re surrounded by so much unhealthy food, it can be difficult to make the healthy choice. 

As for exercise, who has time for that?

Living with this kind of life and mindset can have a compounding effect on your body and mind. 

At some point, you may be forced to change your lifestyle because of an illness or other issue. But it’s always best to start early by starting now. 

In today’s show, Vegan fitness coach, Kate Galli, shares with you her insights on how to make a strong mind and body as well as revealing her fierce love for the planet. 


Kate and I delve deep into: 

Not only that we go deep into understanding how you can create more time, be more effective with building lasting habits that doesn’t mean sacrificing fun. Plus More. A great conversation not to be missed.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated. Life should be fun and easy. By making little choices towards building a strong body and mind, you get results that push you further to those bigger goals.

You are responsible for your health alone. No one can make the decision for you.

There may be barriers that stop you, but it’s no longer about not having the discipline or the time.

So step up into your life, reclaim your health, and move forward with confidence.

Listen To The Podcast Now.

About Our Guest

About Our Guest

Kate Galli is the host of the Healthification podcast and owner of  She has a strong passion for creating a beautiful body, mind, and planet.

Strong Bodies and Beautiful Minds

The Journey to Better Health

  • Kate talks about turning her passion for fitness into a career.
  • She switched to a vegan lifestyle and plant-based nutrition to advocate for animals.
  • The journey is not a straight line. Sometimes you end up going backwards and question yourself whether you can still do it.

Staying Motivated on the Path to Fitness

  • It’s important to have self-compassion and come from a place of working with your body as a team. 
  • Motivation comes from being able to align actions with your values and beliefs.
  • Self-awareness is needed to constantly check and ask whether things are still working out.
  • Know that in time, with all your experiences and growth, you will be a different person.
  • What’s helpful in the past may not be helpful today.
  • It’s important to ask the question, “How’s that working for you?”
  • You could ask that question for every facet of your life.

The Healthification Podcast As A Tool for Health Education

  • Kate’s definition of health has evolved and for her, health involves the individual, the community, and the environment.
  • Kate is concerned about sustainability in terms of individual fitness, nutrition, and the community, so that people can keep being healthy for the rest of their lives.
  • The relationship with the environment is the missing piece to the conversation about health.

Developing Awareness of Sustainability

  • The journey to sustainability can be overwhelming. 
  • Whatever your reason for having a lifestyle change, don’t set the bar too high.
  • She recommends making everything simple, easy, fun, and non-restricting. 
  • To avoid being overwhelmed, she suggests telling people what is the number one, most important step.

Conscious Decisions Lead to Stronger Bodies

  • Admitting the lack of discipline is the first step towards being successful.
  • To make conscious decisions, become self-aware of the things that have tripped you up in the past and planning for those situations.
  • You have the choice to ask for what you want. What you feed your body is 100% your responsibility.
  • Doing simple things such as meal preparation or exploring the local market can cut down your risk of making bad food choices. 
  • Simple habits deliver results and the results compound over time.

The Starting Point to Good Health and Beautiful Mind

  • The starting point is your why, your reason and goals for choosing this.
  • Ask yourself whether the result is worth the actions you need to take consistently.
  • Build your identity belief that you are a person that exercises so that you’ll set aside time for that.
  • Do temptation bundling. Bundle a habit you want to do with a habit you have to do. 
  • The way you reframe your mindset about exercise is important.
We have the choice. We can ask for what we want. The way we feed our body is 100% our choice and responsibility. Click To Tweet


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So what was your BIGGEST takeaway from this episode? Time management tips, mindset? Love to hear what worked for you.

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